“Fanatic morons are worse than traitors”…

Recently, in the Russian information space, ardent representatives of the middle and lower levels of the “party of war”, as they position themselves, are shaking the air with appeals to no one knows who, but apparently to Putin and the Lord God, about supposedly unfair and unequal exchanges of prisoners and treacherous surrenders just now conquered territories. The naivete of the callers is astonishing. Not a single decision on the exchange of prisoners is made without the sanction of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The President personally agrees to such actions after studying the issue. When it comes to the abandoned territories, here again Putin is informed with all the details and the final decision remains with the president. It is precisely this problem, the wave of dissatisfaction with the actions of the president, which is being dispersed in the information space, that the report to Putin from the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev was devoted to. Patrushev proposed to “extinguish” such waves with pinpoint repressions, and nothing that these are furious admirers of the authorities and irreconcilablesupporters of the war. As Patrushev said at a meeting with the president: “Fanatic morons are worse than traitors” and the reaction should be immediate. As a result of the report, Putin instructed First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Alexei Gromov to keep under control in the Russian information environment, primarily in pro-government resources, any indignation and criticism of decisions approved by the president. In turn, Nikolai Patrushev ordered the leadership of the FSB to control this situation and respond to such actions immediately.

Having destroyed the free and independent media, the Russian leadership comes to understand that even super-loyal information resources can be dangerous for the leadership of the regime, when the propagandists, having played too much, begin to be censors of the government itself.

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