«Having connections among influential officials»

Russia sent to the headquarters of Interpol materials on the international wanted list by this organization of the Moldovan politician, Mayor of Balti Renato Usatii. Earlier, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow ruled on his arrest in absentia. According to the version of the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Usatii was a member of the mega-laundromat "Laundromat" and through it laundered hundreds of millions of rubles from the KUM team (the team also owned KUM LLC). According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, this is an abbreviation from Andrei Krapivin (then his son Alexei replaced him), Boris Usherovich, Valery Markelov. These are the co-owners of GK 1520, who received gigantic funds from Russian Railways under contracts. These funds were laundered. In 2012, Usatii was already interrogated about the activities of the KUM. But then he only confessed to having dual citizenship (of the Russian Federation and Moldova) and permanent residence in Moscow. In 2012, KUM’s influence and connections among the security forces were very high and then the problems with the investigation were resolved.

If Usatii is not yet available to the servants of Themis, then seven other defendants in the "Laundromat case" are getting acquainted with the case materials. Rucriminal.info continues to acquaint readers with the most interesting fragments of the investigation. From this part you will learn that the author of "Lanromat" Vyacheslav Platon, in the opinion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, has "outstanding mental abilities" (as it is written in the case file). Plato, like the leader of the Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc, who actually ruled Moldova, have passports of citizens of the Russian Federation.

So, according to the version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Vyacheslav Platon came up with the idea of ​​creating a channel for the withdrawal of clients’ funds from the Russian Federation to the accounts of non-residents. “At the same time, for the implementation of his plans, Platon V.N., having outstanding mental abilities, sociability, enterprise, good organizational skills, as well as knowledge in the field of banking, realizing that independently, that is, without the participation of other persons, he cannot achieve the desired criminal result, he decided to look for accomplices, position in society, power, personal qualities, skills and abilities which would allow him to realize his plans. In this regard, no later than June 30, 2013, Platon V.N., being in Moscow and Chisinau of the Republic of Moldova, the exact time and place have not been established, turned to Plahotniuc V.G., who has a significant power administrative resource in this country (Moldova), giving him the opportunity to influence the activities of state authorities of the named state, including the National Bank of Moldova and law enforcement agencies, with a proposal to organize an international channel for withdrawing funds from the Russian Federation to non-resident accounts in foreign banks through JSC CB “ Moldindconbank "(" BC Moldindconbank SA ") with the use of the judicial and executive bodies of Moldova. In turn, V.G. Plahotniuc, being the first vice-chairman and actual head of the Democratic Party of Moldova, as well as a deputy of the 8th (eighth) convocation of the parliament of this country, driven by the desire for personal gain, lust for power and extraordinary thinking, which made it possible to successfully implement the set political , commercial and managerial goals, to achieve high-ranking officials of the country, using personal strong-willed qualities and perseverance in the implementation of the planned, accepted the offer of Platon V.N., promising him comprehensive assistance in organizing and implementing the criminal scheme, as well as ensuring the loyalty of the controlling and law enforcement authorities of the country to illegal activities on the transit of funds from Russia to other states through the Republic of Moldova. As a result of the agreements reached, Platon V.N. won the special favor of V.G. Plahotniuc, and the latter agreed to head and lead, together with V.N. Platon. and other unidentified persons as an international channel for withdrawing funds from the Russian Federation to strengthen their influence on the state and financial institutions of Moldova, pursuing the goal of personal material enrichment by obtaining a constant and stable income from this criminal activity. At the same time, Platon V.N. and Plahotpok V.G, being citizens of the Russian Federation, could not help but foresee the onset of negative consequences for its economic stability from the implementation of the scheme developed by them, since the unjustified disposal of funds from the country’s financial system undermines its economic sovereignty ... "

In the same period of time, that is, no later than June 30, 2013, in Moscow and Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, a more precise time and place have not been established, Plahotniuc VG. and Platon V.N., having teamed up to implement the plan, involved in the development and implementation of the criminal scheme the previously familiar Korkin A.G., who has corruption and business ties among influential officials of law enforcement and regulatory bodies, as well as the banking sector of Russia, entrusted him with the role of one of the leaders of the criminal community (criminal organization) (hereinafter referred to as the Community), setting before him the task of involving in a criminal scheme the owners of Russian banks who are ready to provide credit organizations under their control as an instrument of crimes. In turn, Korkin A.G., possessing outstanding mental abilities, enterprise and sociability, which made it possible for him to easily make the necessary acquaintances and achieve trusting relationships with people suitable for the implementation of a criminal scheme, guided by personal selfish motives, in order to improve his well-being by obtaining and stable permanent criminal income, agreed to take part in the development and implementation in the financial sector of Russia of a scheme for withdrawing funds to non-resident accounts through V.N. CB "Moldindconbank" ("ВС Moldindconbank SA"), thereby voluntarily joined the Community, created by the said persons. Plahotniuk V.G., Platon V.N., Korkin A.G. as an instrument of the crimes committed. and unidentified persons decided to use V.N., controlled by Platon. CB "Moldindconbank" ("ВС Moldindconbank S.А."), as well as credit institutions licensed to carry out banking operations and carrying out banking activities in the Russian Federation. Platon V.N., Plahotnyuk V.G., Korkin A.G. and other persons have developed a mechanism for performing currency transactions to transfer funds in foreign currency to the accounts of non-residents ”.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin