Revelations of personal bodyguard Rauf Arashukov

In a previous publication he told about the representatives of the law enforcement unit of the North Caucasus, which are associated with the clan of Raul and Rauf Arashukov. About a strongman then we have not mentioned. We are talking about the head of the Moi for KCR Timur Betuganov. This is the closest to Rauf Arashukov security officer, actually performing the functions of the chief of the security service of the Senator. About their joint dealings can tell a lot. For now, let’s focus on one story. As Betuganov pursued albert Chukov. The last long years was Rauf Arashukov’s personal bodyguard. And then Senator "ordered" murder of Fral Shebzukhova, with which Chukov was well sign. He resigned from the chief and decided to testify against him. Then, through the efforts of Betuganov, Chukov was arrested for illegal possession of weapons. Having served and released, the bodyguard didn’t leave attempts to testify on Arashukov. Then he and his family began to be under enormous pressure from his subordinates Betuganov. What evidence Shukhov was so afraid Rauf Arashukov? They are available and we start publishing them.

During the interrogation, Chukov told investigators that in 2004 he, as an employee of one of the Chops, began to guard LLC "Stavropolregiongaz", headed by Raul Arashukov. Latest fancy new security guy and he dispatched it into the protection of his son Rauf Arashukov, headed at the time of the Khabez district of Karachay-Cherkessia. At first Chukov went in cars of escort of a train of the future Senator, and then became his personal bodyguard and the authorized representative. At this service, Chukov became friends with the now wanted son-in-law of Arashukov Ruslan Agoev. In early may 2010 Agoew blabbed that Rauf Arashukov hired the person who would deal with the counselor of the President of KCHR by Malam Shebzuhova. Such a person was the local "authority" Rustam kopsergenov. The latter has already received an advance of 500 Tr for Shebzukhov. Agoew also was a friend of Shebzuhova and didn’t want to be with him, something happened. Knowing that Chukov was familiar with Kopsergenov, he asked him to meet with the "authority" and convince him not to organize an attack on Fral. Also Ruslan wanted to keep their conversation hushed, as Rauf Arashukov was terribly angry, having learnt about such actions Agoeva.

The next day, Chukov met with Kopsergenov and began to convince him not to fulfill the "order". "I told him that Rauf Arashukov many people said that soon will deal with Shebzuhova, therefore, the performance of this job can be dangerous, including for Kopsergenov," — said during the interrogation, Chukov, a copy of his testimony is available Kopsergenov promised to return the money and not to fulfill the order.

Soon Agoev again asked Chukov to convince Kopsergenov to cancel "order", and as an argument to transfer "authority" that Shebzukhov is armed and can cause wounds to the attacking. Chukov said that kopsergenov already promised to do nothing. However, Agoev in this doubted. He knew that "authority" received a new portion of money for a crime from Rauf Arashukov and intends to fulfill them.

"May 12 around 9 o’clock I’m with Rauf Arashukov accompanied by three vehicles of the guard left of the Khabez district of Karachay-Cherkessia in Cherkessk...Being in Cherkessk, we visited opfr po KCR and were there for two hours. After leaving the Pension Fund building, Arashukov himself got into his car" Toyota land cruiser 200 " black and went somewhere, asking us to stay with the OPF. After 2 hours he called me on my mobile, and asked to drive up to the drama Theater, which is located on the street international. When I with maintenance approached to theater, Arashukov joined us and all of us went to the Habezsky area. Having approached the administration building, Arashukov ran out of his car and ran to his office. Seeing his anxious state, I thought that something had happened to him, so I ran after him. When Arashukov ran into the office, I followed him and saw that he was washing in his rest room, while being in a very nervous state. I began to ask Arashukov about what had happened, and he told me that Fral Shebzukhov had been killed... After that I left the office and went home. I decided not to go to work for Arashukov any more, " says Chukov’s testimony, a copy of which he has ahhh!

What else is said during the interrogation, Chukov, we will publish in the near future. The testimony of Kopsergenov can be found here.

To be continued

Vitaly Tolstoy

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