Former Kirov investigator Svetlana Buchneva was offended by the press for a million rubles

At the end of February of this year, Svetlana Buchneva, an ex-employee of law enforcement agencies of Kirov, filed a lawsuit for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation against the editorial office and an employee of one of the Kirov information resources for 1 million rubles. Journalists have been covering scandalous attacks on businesses in the region for years. Moreover, a certain scheme loomed – a controversial seizure, and later claims based on the collected documents. The name of the ex-investigator appeared everywhere. What are the prospects of colleagues who have studied raider seizures of enterprises in the Kirov region?

As the Kirov resource Newsler writes, Svetlana Nikolaevna was “offended” by the journalist’s article entitled “A criminal case was initiated against the colonel of the Kirov police?”. The woman demanded everything at once. As compensation – 1 million rubles, but also demanded to remove the material on all Internet resources. If the ex-colonel understood the processes of disseminating information on the World Wide Web, she would, of course, demand that the article be deleted only on the author’s Internet portal.

Colleagues from have a good chance to keep publications and means of publication. They tried to avoid false statements. The moments that upset the ex-colonel are often expressed in the form of an opinion, assumption, version, hypothesis or reasoning – “they are not a statement.” In addition, there is a question mark in the title, which is also not a statement. At the same time, according to the editorial office of the news agency, the plaintiff was offered to use the right to a refutation article according to her comments, Svetlana Nikolaevna refused. Perhaps not so easy to refute? Apparently, the publication was able to find a real scheme according to which, over and over again, they tried to seize enterprises in their region. According to Newsler journalists, it is difficult to describe the many scandals with “attacks” on entrepreneurs of various sizes without mentioning Svetlana Buchneva.

At the speed of a peregrine falcon

One of the most notorious cases was the criminal cases of lawyer Alexander Vydrin, bankruptcy trustee Dmitry Sobyanin and director of Anti-Crisis Agency Complex LLC Ulyana Mandrovskaya, who were allegedly considered “accomplices” at the beginning of the investigation.

Alexander Vydrin several years ago intended to acquire the Sapsan shopping complex, which housed three car dealerships – Ford, Volvo and Skoda. The purchase seemed very profitable – the price is what is called “below the market.” According to the court, Alexander Vydrin, together with Dmitry Sobyanin, the arbitration manager of Nokrat Invest LLC, and the organizer of the auction, Uliana Mandrovskaya, could pull off a “fraudulent scheme”, as a result of which Vydrin was able to purchase the building of the Sapsan car dealership for 4.7 million rubles.

As a result, as the Kirov media reported, Mandrovskaya, apparently, concluded an agreement with the investigation and gave very extensive information about her former accomplices. This is evidenced by the fact that the lady spent no more than six months behind bars. But on her testimony, Vydrin was accused of fraud in a particularly large-scale fraud and “imprisoned” for 6 years in a general regime colony. Sobyanin received 1 year more.

Lawyers were perplexed: what is the fraud if the money for the building is paid in full?

The investigator in the case was Svetlana Buchneva.


In July 2022, there were reports that Svetlana Nikolaevna Buchneva, having retired from the authorities, got a job at the Technodinamika holding.

Now related companies have begun to “seize documents”. What is this, an attempt of a raider seizure by a partner, to whom simple cooperation seemed not enough, we do not undertake to assert. But the very presence of Svetlana Buchneva in the Technodinamika team and her past, about which the local information resource wrote a lot, involuntarily make you think. Will the methods used in the region during her work in law enforcement agencies be repeated?

Beer, defense industry and any “delicious” business

Interestingly, Buchneva is already the second former law enforcement officer who resigned from the authorities after a series of scandals in which his name was mentioned. The ex-Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Udmurtia, Alexander Pervukhin, works in the security department of Technodinamika, who quit during the man-made wave of difficulties of the Russian agricultural holding Komos Group. Now his colleague from Kirov has joined him, starting to cooperate with Technodinamika when OJSC Velkont experienced the methods of corporate warriors from the 90s.

Electromechanical plant “Velkont”, located in Kirovo-Chepetsk, manufactures products, including for the defense industry. It employs about 1 thousand people. The enterprise was liked by the main competitor JSC Elektroprivod, which is part of Technodinamika. According to local media, the general director of the plant, Sergei Obukhov, was offered to give up his controlling stake (50%) of the plant voluntarily, otherwise the measures of influence would be different. At the same time, obviously not without the attention of Svetlana Buchneva, who was still in the service, a criminal case was initiated against Obukhov under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code: allegedly he was involved in the theft of 2.5 million rubles. However, Elektroprivod then defended its name and the purchase of a share did not follow.

With regard to the “squeeze” of the Kirov brewery “Vyatich”, according to local media, they tried to “pull” the owners and the leadership of the Kirov Brewery from criminal liability and long sentences. Difficulties at the plant arose according to an already familiar pattern – seizure on dubious grounds, and then claims born after a biased study of the collected documents. While representatives of another power structure carried out searches in the company’s offices. Again, journalists note Svetlana Buchneva in materials on the Vyatich plant. Fortunately, the brewery was able to maintain its good name and independence.

As the Kirov media wrote, similar methods, even during the period of Svetlana Buchneva’s work in the authorities, could also be used with pressure on other businessmen. The victims even applied with a collective letter for help to the Kirov branch of the Communist Party.

And the journalist, who for several years described the scandalous difficulties of the enterprises of the region during the work of Svetlana Buchneva, was attacked. According to local media, the woman’s apartment was attacked. “At first, there were pops and two flashes, at first I even thought that I had shorted out the electrician, and then I thought that they were shooting. Then, several explosions of monstrous force – as if the ceiling had collapsed, apparently four double-glazed windows burst with such a roar. Then pieces of glass crunching underfoot, crumble and glass dust – I saw this and three more bricks when I was waiting for the police, ”the victim herself described the situation. At the same time, the woman clearly knows who the performer is. According to the journalist, the performer may be associated with the activities of Buchneva.

Was there Lefortovo?

In early December 2022, the Kirov resource reported that a criminal case was allegedly initiated against Svetlana Buchneva related to her professional activities. According to the source, the journalist adds that Svetlana Nikolaevna was allegedly already in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center in Moscow at that time. On the other hand, lawyers denied this, saying that Buchneva was under house arrest under an article for abuse of power. We do not undertake to confirm either information.

Apparently, Svetlana Nikolaevna escaped punishment if, as we wrote above, in July 2022 she already worked in the Technodinamika holding. The question arises: why does the holding, which is entrusted with a huge responsibility for the development of domestic military and civil aviation under Western sanctions, need people with such a past? What tasks are they called upon to solve in the holding?