Neymar questioned after posting images and messages from his rape accuser on social media

Neymar questioned after posting images and messages from his rape accuser on social media

Brazilian footballer Neymar has given testimony at a Rio de Janeiro police station in an investigation linked to a woman’s rape allegation against him.

He was questioned by detectives for almost two hours after he posted images and messages from his accuser on social media without her permission — a potential violation of her online privacy.

Najila Trindade, a 26-year-old woman also from Brazil, has alleged that Neymar raped her in a Paris hotel room and became aggressive after she refused to have unprotected sex.

26-year-old Brazilian Najila Trindade who has accused Neymar of rape

The footballer denies the allegation and says he is the victim of attempted blackmail — and his lawyer said she "fully trusted" he would be found innocent.

Using crutches because of an injured right ankle, Neymar told reporters after his testimony: "I only want to thank the support and messages that everybody sent."

The social media posts he shared were meant to show that Ms Trindade had spoken to him on friendly terms following the alleged incident.

Neymar is one of football's biggest stars

On Instagram last weekend, the Paris Saint-Germain forward posted a seven-minute video in which he insisted the accusation was a "setup".

The video included intimate images and WhatsApp messages he says he exchanged with Ms Trindade.

Neymar said: "There was a relationship between a man and a woman between four walls.

"Anyone who knows me, knows of my behaviour, knows that I would never do something like that."

Neymar plays for French champions Paris Saint Germain

Ms Trindade’s lawyer, Danilo Garcia de Andrade, said Neymar "exposed (posted) the body of a woman, he exposed (posted) the intimacy of a woman in the social media, and that is pornography".

The rape allegation against Neymar is being investigated separately in Sao Paulo, where Ms Trindade filed a formal complaint with police last Friday.

Neymar is expected to speak to authorities concerning that allegation in the next few days — and she is expected to testify later on Friday.

Najila Trindade. Pic: SBT Jornalismo

Speaking to the Brazilian TV station SBT, Ms Trindade said she was the victim of "aggression together with rape".

"I said: ‘Stop it, stop it, stop it.’ He did not communicate, he just acted," she claimed.

Neymar was questioned by police for two hours for posting images of the woman on social media

On Thursday, a video emerged on social media which appears to show the pair in a physical altercation in a hotel room.

The footage was shot from a partially hidden location by Ms Trindade, and shows the pair fighting each other.

Ms Trindade’s lawyer said the video was filmed to prove Neymar can be aggressive and the footage is much longer than the short clip published, according to local media.

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