DAO.Casino launches Blackjack as the first game on new blockchain

DAO.Casino, a project building its gambling 3.0 blockchain solution, today announced the addition of a Blackjack game to the platform. This is the first game on the DAO.Casino blockchain, with Blackjack able to demonstrate the platform’s technical capabilities by showcasing DAO.Casino’s algorithms in action.

Blackjack Tech Advantages

Signidice verifiable deck

DAO.Casino’s version of Blackjack will use the extended Signidice algorithm to shuffle the deck, making it possible to check the deck and position of the cards within the decks.

At the start of the game, users send the bankroller entropic signals. Once received, the bankroller signs these actions with his key, which is known by the player. The signature, which is generated by this process, creates the final entropy needed to complete the shuffle process.

Once the deck is shuffled via entropy, the bankroller generates a Merkle Tree or hash tree from the shuffled deck — the Merkle Tree root is subsequently sent to the player. This means that every time the player or dealer gets dealt a card, the bankroller sends a Merkle Tree proof, which undeniably proves the position of the cards during the deal — preventing fraud and cheating.

Another advantage comes from the players receiving previous bankroller signatures. This enables the player to check previous deck shuffles to ensure the deck was shuffled using the bankroller’s signature, that the bankroller signature was generated using the player’s entropy and known bankroller key.

Сertified random number generator

Signidice is suitable for games running DAO.Casino Blockchain. The Signidice PRNG can be used in any case, where transactions occur between the multi participants.

The upcoming release of Blackjack puts DAO.Casino one step further forward in its campaign for gambling 3.0. A classic favorite in the gambling world, Blackjack is not only a popular choice for early adopters, but it also manages to showcase the Signidice algorithm in action, while utilizing smart contracts for deposits.

Автор: markgrigorian
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