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I’ve a question regarding block and transactions included in the next block that is solved.

Lest assume theoretically there is new propagated solved block.

And now there are: tx0 and tx1 – not included in propagated solved block with time of transaction earlier that solved block.

Tx2 – which was propagated 10 second after solving previous block

Tx3 — which was propagated 60 second after solving previous block

Does the miners take only Tx0 and tx1, make hash and start to mine (already have hash of those) or (I presume this is not the case) are adding those tx2 and tx3 which was propagated in this “10 minute” window?

Presumably they would need to start all over again, but it would mean that when miner receive info about new block that was solved by another miner stops working, puts all of transaction form block which he was solving, all transaction in pool (tx0 and tx1 in my example), check what transaction is already in solved block takes all reminding tx makes hash and start solving. Is that correct?

So basically my question is, does the next block includes only those transactions that were propagated BEFORE solving of current block and AFTER miners starting to find current block (so in this “10 minute window” or there are some other rules? I tried to find solution in docs but no success. (if anyone knows some source I would be grateful)

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