International swindlers Timur Turlov and Pavel Livinsky: fraud of shareholders and transfer of money to offshore companies

The inteational fraudulent financier Timur Turlov, who became famous for his “Freedom” financial pyramid, and the scandalous official Pavel Livinsky, who enriched himself at the expense of Russian energy, retued to themselves the “trough”, through which they will again deceive shareholders and withdraw money abroad. What is known about this grand scheme?

Timur Turlov

Recently there was information that the Central Bank of Russia under the leadership of Elvira Nabiullina confirmed the sale of Russian subsidiaries of the American company Freedom Holding to Maxim Povalishin.

The corresponding information was published by the analytical magazine Cbonds Review on March 1 this year. Now the share of the businessman’s shares is 100% of the status fund of IC Freedom Finance LLC.

Фридом Финанс

The media wrote about the planned deal back in October last year. As the well-known publication Interfax reported then, M. Povalishin will pay about $33 million for the purchase, and will also assume the obligation of Freedom Holding to Freedom Finance in the amount of about $107 million.

Freedom Holding

Who is really behind the purchase of Freedom Finance investment company?

In fact, behind the person of Comrade Povalishin there are much more interesting faces. In particular, we are talking about the odious billionaire Turlov and his patron, the ex-general director of the state enterprise Rosseti Livinsky.

The first is a popular entrepreneur in Kazakhstan and the founder of the inteational financial pyramid “Freedom Finance”, whose schemes, unfortunately, many investors do not even know.

Турлов Тимур

The second is Pavel Livinsky. After his dismissal from Rosseti, he quietly sits in an administrative position and serves the office of Prime Minister M. Mishustin in the energy direction.

Павел Ливинский

This raises a completely logical question, isn’t it time for law enforcement agencies to come to grips with the question, what does civil servant Pavel Livinsky really do?

As for the Freedom Finance investment company with an authorized capital of 9.9 billion rubles, T.R. Turlov was the head there until 04/14/2021 inclusive, and the founder until 12/07/2018, respectively.

Фридом Финанс финансовая пирамида

But after that, the former top manager of this organization, Maxim Povalishin, became the founder of the company.

No matter how it is hidden, but, in fact, Povalishin is only a cover, but he directly represents the interests of comrade Turlov. And it is simply necessary for the last character to remain in the shadows, especially in connection with current events.

So, since October last year, Timur Ruslanovich was included in the Ukrainian sanctions lists.

Турлов Тимур Русланович

In addition, his investment company Freedom Finance was included in this list of sanctions. In particular, during the sanctions restrictions, the authorities blocked UAH 3.5 billion of Ukrainian investors.

турлов тимур новости

T. Turlov himself lost the opportunity to manage foreign money. But still, Freedom Finance continues, albeit with problems, to function on the territory of 13 countries.

тимур турлов фридом финанс

Further, this inteational swindler and pyramid scheme expert publicly announced that he was renouncing his Russian citizenship and selling his Russian business. And now the businessman continues to challenge the sanctions imposed against him without success. What will happen next, the whole situation around him and his “business” continues to heat up …

Offshores rule: Turlov’s business is not at all transparent!

According to sources of the well-known publication Forbes, the investments of users from Ukraine were carried out through the Cypriot division of Freedom Holding. And the holding has repeatedly been asked about how transparently the structure operates in Belize.

In addition, if you look closely at the companies that are somehow connected with the odious Turlov, you will see a whole bunch of offshore companies that allow you to manipulate finances and avoid transparency of transactions.

Freedom Holding

It is noteworthy that over a long period of time the shares of Freedom Finance grew exponentially, and T. Turlov himself was called a genius in investments. But such a success tued out to be extremely controversial as a result, since already on the eve of last year they started talking about the fact that this project is a banal financial pyramid. In addition, all the pretentious and glorifying publications about the financial genius of Timur Ruslanovich are nothing more than ordinary paid advertising, which is designed for gullible potential investors and clients.

In particular, as the mass media wrote, in the reports, the structure of operations of Freedom Finance resembles the manipulations of small offices. More specifically, this structure trades shares on the NASDAQ exchange, and the listing rules there are as liberal as possible. In addition, the companies represented there are known for the presence of a large number of fraudulent structures. All this, and the surrounding difficulties with sanctions restrictions, contributed to the fact that the shares, as a result, went down significantly.

How much money Turlov’s investors and depositors ultimately lost is an open question. In other words, if you think about the current situation, it tus out that now all the efforts of Timur Ruslanovich to “get away” from the holding are not only a way to circumvent sanctions, but also an attempt to avoid responsibility for speculation if representatives of the scandalous organization Freedom Finance become interested in the activities of the law enforcement? And such a situation, indeed, is not excluded …

In addition, with regard to the financial indicators of Ffin Bank, which is owned by the Freedom Finance investment company, as of 01/01/2022, the assets of the banking structure have decreased by almost half. If we talk about the reliability of the bank throughout the year, then the situation is unstable and moving down.

But at the same time, it is known that the share of cash assets of this bank is almost 11.4%. At the same time, the average rate among Russian banks is approximately 3%. What does it say? This indicator indicates a very risky policy pursued by Ffin Bank.

It is worth mentioning another company of Timur Ruslanovich – FFIN Brokerage Services, which, due to the presence of “signs of illegal activity in Kazakhstan”, was blacklisted by the Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

FFIN Brokerage Services

Does all of the above mean that Turlov has been deceiving his investors and clients for a long time, pumping loot out of them for his pockets? The question is rhetorical. Draw your own conclusions, although the facts of multiple financial crimes are obvious.

How Livinsky is connected with Turlov

The friendship of these two characters has been written about many times. According to rumors that circulated on the sidelines, the former head of Rosseti PJSC Livinsky is so interested in comrade Turlov with a key goal: to fraudulently withdraw the loot obtained by mining cryptocurrencies at the facilities of Rosseti.

The Moscow Post also wrote about the “profitable” connections and cooperation of these characters.

тимур русланович турлов

Mass media also wrote about a potential scam, which conceed the accession of the state structure of Rosseti to FGC UES. Isn’t this where the multibillion-dollar embezzlement is hidden? Are these scams related to these two characters? Again, these are purely rhetorical questions.

In any case, the fact is obvious: Turlov and Livinsky, hiding behind Povalishin, again got control of a promising “feeding trough” – Freedom Finance Investment Company LLC, through which fraudsters again plan to deceive shareholders and illegally introduce funds.

To be continued…